Transformational Leadership

People ask me what I do, what I enjoy, what I am passionate about when it comes to “work”.  My passion and purpose in business is to work in organizations that know they need to transform into what they should become, what they should be next, the new evolved version of themselves.  Many of these organizations don’t know how to get out of the rut they are in today. They may lack the courage to make the tough decisions. Decisions that might sound foolish or ridiculous.

People have described me as a visionary with the ability to see how an organization can leverage technology in the future and implement that today.  Much of my work over the past decade has been working with organizations to help them become global leaders as they leverage the power of technology.  Some people have told me that I have the ability to anticipate the future.

I like to think of it this way.  When I partner with a new organization or client, I may not know or understand their current state, I drop out of the sky like a paratrooper on a mission.  As I am descending I assess the status quo, I consider the people, the processes and their technology. When I land I gather the coalition of like-minded people, I find the early adopters, I leverage the risk takers.  We set a plan, chart a course and deliver. We measure our success as well as the sentiment of the people. People, as we know, are the key to transformation in any organization.

We work with those who are “yet to be convinced” helping them see the hope of their new future.  We empower the crazy ones who are on the same mission we are on.

What drives me is that look of “AHA” on someone’s face when they “get it” when a leader can articulate the power of a new direction.  When profit and market share can be increased and costs reduced when the technology is working for us and not us working for the technology.

I live at the nexus of status quo and the hope of the future.  Turning dreams into reality!