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Looking over the Edge for 21st Century Government – #startup #opengov #transformation #culture

In the 21st century governments at all levels and in many countries are realizing that now is time to take openness, accountability and transparency to the next level.  While governments are realizing this need their citizens have determined that even in a representative democracy there’s still room for consultation and active engagement.  The internet of things has provided new tools for government and citizens, not only tools but also information.  Information in any form continues to change the landscape and level the playing field in respect to everything from decision making to strategic planning.

Why am I talking open and government, well because this week I took a leap of the edge of a cliff.  Well one might say I was pushed off.  Which ever way you look at it, for some time I had been standing looking over the edge, thinking about what was possible in government and the broader public sector in Canada and beyond.

The leap I took was to create a consulting and advisory services startup called AcuitasGov where I plan to assist clients in government who desire to transform, innovate and modernize through technology, culture and open government strategies.  I am building my parasail as I tumble and soon will take flight.

There is a convergence happening right now, we are at a nexus of technology, transformation, information and accountability.  Citizens elect representatives to administer their tax dollars that create a civil society a robust economy and opportunity for all.  Citizens also expect that at any time they can easily “check in” to see how it is going, how are we progressing to the plan and what are the outcomes we expect next month, next year and where is our future as a city, province, state, nation.

Movements like open data and open government are opening the information up to citizens, yet they want more.  They are looking for deeper engagement, to be asked for their ideas not to be told what is happening to them, they want to make it happen with their government.

This is the nexus point we are at !

The future is ahead for all of us to shape, together, collaboratively.  The old style of telling has been replaced with seeking and taking perspective, collaborating and co-creating.  If you are a leader ( political or administrative ) who is still telling then your days are numbered.  Time to understand that the world has changed.  Its time for all of us to move or thinking, actions and attitudes to the 21st century.

It’s time for 21st Century Government !