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My presentation at #icic11 – International Conference of Information Commissioners

I had the privilege of attending the International Conference of Information Commissioners over the past three days.  This was the seventh meeting of the Information Commissioners, held this year in Ottawa, Canada and hosted by Canada’s Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault.

I want to thank Commissioner Legault and her team for the invitation to speak at this event, and to attend to hear some incredible speakers.  At the City of Edmonton we have been very involved in the Open Government movement considering all the work we have done with Open Data.  Open Data for us and many others is a recent development on the landscape of the Access to Information journey.  So many speaker spoke of the accomplishments of the past 20 to 30 years, and all the work still to do to free information in the world.

Many of my thoughts, comments, quotes of speakers and observations are captured in my Twitter Stream using the hashtag #icic11.  A few other people were tweeting at the event, but this was kind of a non social media crowd, too bad actually.  I would strongly urge all those involved in access to information to embrace the power of social media.  One neat thing I discovered during the event was the the Canadian Information Commissioners Office has recently started tweeting, good for them, I sugest you follow them !

To the people who attended the panel session that I was on, here are a few resources as promised:

Open Data in Canada

Edmonton App Competition & Apps

Edmonton Open Data Timeline

Edmonton Data Sets in Development

My Prezi Presentation

While at the event the Information Commissioners from around the world wrote and adopted a NEW resolution on access to information. I want to congratulate the Commissioners on this achievement.  I believe that a number of forces are about to synchronize on the world stage.  The move to #cloud computing and the need to develop clear Data Sovereignty laws or agreements between the nations, or trading blocks will soon be on the Commissioners radar.  The national Information Commissioners need to find their voice in the Open Government Partnership.  These are exciting times for technology and information in government globally, time for courage, to push fear aside and to do what is best for the people !

I applaud the Commissioners for their work as individuals and as a group.  I look forward to seeing this agenda move forward.