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Thx @FairmontEmpress A Star amongst the @Fairmonthotels #smgov

@Ruth_Moore and I have been staying at the Fairmont Empress for the past few days, a little vacay for us before I speak about Social Media in Government at the Advanced Learning Institute event.

I am technically on “vacation” however doing a little work and personal stuff while Ruth is working.  We are both sitting in the “Upper” Lobby lounge enjoying the sites and sounds of Victoria.  Across from us in the lounge is a lovely couple from Los Angeles waiting for their boat “shuttle” back to Seattle, very well dressed and they apparently live close to Wayne Gretzky….. maybe everyone in LA thinks they live close to Mr. G.

So Ruth needed a coffee as a mid afternoon break, she is very busy with her work so I offered to head down the street to get some coffees, so off I went to Starbucks.  Picked up a Vanilla Latte and a Pumpkin Spice Latte…. meanwhile back at the Empress, Ruth was tweeting about wanting a coffee. I didn’t know she tweeted out to the hotel, I guess I need to keep track of her twitter stream.  I returned with the Lattes and then Ruth went off to the room for her other glasses.  When she was gone, Edward Roe, Director of Operations at the Fairmont Empress came by looking for Ruth, his team had seen her tweet and he was coming to see if he could get her a coffee.  WOW, the power of social media and also this hotel has a huge focus on customer service and very plugged into the new social media frontier.  Kudos to you @Fairmontempress.

All of a sudden Edward returned with a plate of treats from the High Tea, so nice of him to drop these off.  Tried sharing them with the couple from LA across from us, but they have strong will power, good for them.

So thanks to Edward, his team and @fairmontEmpress !  WELL DONE