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My @FutureGovmag Australia Experience #gov20 #yegit #yam

I returned yesterday from a quick trip to Australia,  I have to say that the time I spent there was very positive and profitable, a great experience !  Throughout the course of the year a number of National and International organizations invite me to speak ( and cover expenses) because they have heard about the GREAT things that the City of Edmonton is doing with Technology.  It is an honour to be able to participate and represent the city.
Now, if you are at all interested in the possibilities and the future of technology in government, or just the future of government itself I STRONGLY suggest you start to keep track of the activities of FUTUREGOV.  FutureGov, over the past 8 years through its magazines, websites and conferences has built a base of over 29,000 public sector followers as they highlight the possibilities of a new world in government.  They are well known in Asia-Pacific for their work and are a leader in forging new directions, bringing people together, creating conversations and value for the future.

Earlier this week I had the privilege of sitting on an international panel where we discussed #cloud computing in government.  Joining me on the Government Cloud Panel was Mark Stone, Transformation and ICT Director at Wiltshire Council, United Kingdom, Mahesh Kalva CTO – Enterprise IT & Data Solutions at Lockheed Martin, United States and Philip Hind National Program Manager, Data Standards & E-commerce at the Australian Taxation Office.  The Panel was chaired by Dr. Jonathan Gray, Project Leader at National ICT Australia ( NICTA).  Each member talked about the possibilities of the cloud, and also addressed the usual concerns around Privacy and Security.  I learned during that session that the Australian Government is very focused on building capacity within their country, both for the cloud and for citizen broadband access ( referring to the National Broadband strategy) .
At the event I also heard many of the speakers referring to other futures like Bring Your Own Device, Data Sovereignty and Transformation, all items we have been discussing in Edmonton.  It is always refreshing to have that validation, especially internationally.  The conference was attended by Government in Technology thought leaders from around the world, and from government IT and service delivery leaders from Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan.  Great people and great content.

I have to also send out kudos to the FutureGov team, they did something at the conference that I have not seen in North America or Europe.  The conference organizers took a page from the Open Conference / Gov Camp book and did NOT setup traditional lecture seating, they configured 16 seating pods for 8-10 people each, had discuss leaders for each pod and rotated groups thru the pods 8 times during the 2 day event.  I have included some pics captured from my iPhone so you can see the future of conferences.  Besides being a panel member for the cloud conversation I also had the privilege of working with Greg Baxter from Sitecore as we co-led our discussion table.  Our topic was Gov 2.0 and the changes introduced by the Australian government regarding web accessibility, WOW this country is serious about removing barriers for it’s citizens.

It was a fantastic conference, FutureGov is truly a leader in Technology in Government and thought leadership, keep your eye on them Americas and Europe !

As they say in Australia “GOOD ON YAH FutureGOV”