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#tcon11 – Collaboration and IT Strategy Session with #yeg #CIO

Tomorrow at I will be presenting the City of Edmonton City Wide IT Strategic Direction for 2012-2014 and 2015-2017.  In actual fact the plan is still in development so I will be presenting some big strategy stones, while at the same time allowing participants in the session to co-create the future.

This will be an interactive session where we will build out the plan.  I am encouraging everyone who is coming to the session to bring a device, laptop, notebook, playbook, iPad, Xoom even a smart phone.  We will be all collaborating in a shared/open google doc.

For those of you who want to get ready we will be working from this SHARED DOC

Should be a great session !  See you all then.

Oh, if you cannot be at the session, you can still collaborate, from anywhere in the world actually.  You might be a City of Edmonton IT professional who was not able to get to Technocon, simply go to the doc link and insert your ideas.  You might work at the City of Edmonton but not in IT, hey this is open to you as well.  You might live in the City and want to contribute, feel free.

This is an open collaborative approach !