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QUESTION: Why do IT Leaders still use PAPER

Today I started asking our IT Leaders WHY they are still using paper.  From this point forward when our IT Directors and Managers show up with paper I will ask “Why do you still use paper”.  How can you be a leader in IT and still use paper ?

I have NOT printed since February 2009, that is over 2 years ago, did you know it is 2011 and every document you deal with is processed on a computer, the typing pool ended sometime in the 1980’s. that is over 30 years ago, a lifetime for some people.

In addition to not printing I have also been using our wireless Edmonton since February 2009, that means I access all of our systems from outside the firewall.  For the past 2.5 years I keep showing up to meetings with my laptop or my iPad.  Why ?  Well every document I receive is created on a computer so why not access it from my computer, why are so many people, including leaders in IT still printing.

If NO one asks why, will we all keep printing ?

I also realized on the drive home tonight that I REALLY need to review how many printers we have in IT and where they are located.  If I placed the printers far far away from where people worked, would they start to realize HEY, I no longer need to print.

OK, so i have to let you know I don’t hate paper !  Today I signed off on a number of paper based Thank You notes to a great team of people on our Workspace Edmonton team.  Paper is important when you need to provide a “tangible” thank you.  On a different note, our IT Leadership team meets on a weekly basis to deal with our $50 million operation and on the off weeks to deal with our key Projects.  For both meetings we use Google Docs, we create our agenda once in one place and share it together, modify it together and share an action log together.  We have truly stopped the OLD WAY of creating, emailing and publishing information.  It is hard to believe that it took until 2011 for us to change, but we have because IT Leaders need to lead, and not follow !!!!

SO, my question to you as an IT Leader is, do you still bring paper to a meeting, if so WHY ?

Think about it.