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The Future Way of Working #yegit #govchat #gov20

To suggest anyone KNOWS the future is a huge risk, to create the future with the people around you is one of the most exciting things you can do during your career. Today ( Thursday April 7, 2011) at the City of Edmonton we are creating the future together !

For the most part as organizations, public and private in North America, we have been creating, sharing and publishing information the “same way” for the past 30 years.  In the early Eighties (1980’s) the tools started to emerge in the market to allow people to use “personal computers” to manage information.  This was a literal revolution, from the early 1900’s until the 80’s information had been managed by multi million dollar systems protected in “glass houses” by the Computer People.  People started to create our own information in the 80’s, the 90’s saw the internet commercialized and in the 2000’s smart phones, wifi, apps and so much more.  Oh and the Next Generation emerged as our new Digital Citizens, they are pushing the envelope and challenging all of us to think, work and be differently.

So for the past year the City of Edmonton IT Branch has been planning for our future and today we are giving the entire IT Branch an opportunity to see the future.  We call the project Workspace Edmonton.  It is not about a product a tool, the cloud, it is about collaboration, a new way of working, a new way of sharing, breaking silos, powering people, building teams and seeing an organization lead !  Workspace Edmonton is also a dynamic team of people who are being different

Today we are holding an open house to share the possibilities.  We will be showing our team a new set of cloud based apps, sharing with them how any device, anytime, anywhere will allow them to work to, and beyond their potential.  We will introduce new ways to create, collaborate and publish !  We may even suggest that printing may be something that is only done by the people in archives so their is a permanent record.

We are not telling our team what they will do, we are engaging them in a conversation about the possibilities, Today we continue the journey where we create the Future Together.  This is about “The Way We Innovate” – This is about a “World Class” organization.

This is the Future and it is exciting.

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